What we do

What we do

Eric is a business savvy entrepreneur with a strategic mindset that will identify not only the starting point but the possibilities of the proposition.

His passion for this stems from his consultancy business, working with and advising clients how to start-up and run their business. He realised the most successful business owners started businesses in the sector they had most experience and knowledge in; and not necessarily a sector that was introduced to them as the most profitable or accessible.

Eric would witness clients spend an unhealthy amount of time researching an unfamiliar sector, preparing lengthy business plans and attempting to raise an uncomfortable amount of finance. Now Eric knows how important structure is to any business venture but there’s a limit to how effective so much detail can be.

That’s why his approach is to prepare a personalised business strategy that will be sufficient enough to save you time and money.

Have you ever been attracted by the offer of earning a six figure income, doing what you enjoy in your own time, only to be sold no more than a pyramid scheme, or turn key business that takes up sixty hours a week and quickly depletes your redundancy settlement or life saving? Fear not.

Surprisingly we don’t have any products, schemes or ventures to distract you from doing what you really want to do. We base our strategy on what’s on the table today; your knowledge, ability and funds to invest in yourself. What is the point of a strategy that goes behind your ability to implement it?

We are here to identify opportunities, be entrepreneurial with ideas and speed up the whole process. If you have spent months thinking about what to do next, weighing up the potential of turn key businesses for sale or franchises then maybe you are ready to be our client. Today you would be doing what you thought about last month! Don’t be distracted, invest in yourself for once.


Quick Case Studies.

Clients’ confidentiality is paramount but here’s an example of who and how we help.

Redundant to self employed

Being made redundant at short notice was totally unexpected for this client. On the verge of investing thousands in a franchise business we suggested a business idea based on their past knowledge and experience. After a short test trading period they are now running a consultancy working the hours they want and still generating the desired income. Their return on investment with EricMcBean can be measured by the savings made by not investing in an unsuitable franchise and the income gained by investing in themselves.


Business ready

This particular client came to us ready to start a food retail business. We discussed all aspects but found the potential location was where it would fall down. The client wanted premises within budget more than within reach of maximum footfall. We negotiated the rent on a prime location to start within the client’s budget and gradually increase over the years. Four years on the shop is thriving and looking to expand from a modest takeaway to include a fully seated restaurant. This would not have been possible with their chosen location. Our intervention and strategy enabled this client to generate four times the revenue previously forecasted.


Unemployed to self employed

Desperately trying to find employment this client was now turning to money making schemes as long-term unemployment was not an option.
Having assessed the client’s key strengths we
identified an opportunity where they could provide their services to a captive and relatively untapped audience. With no real selling skills this client simply explained what they did and how they could help. Within three months they were confident enough to pursue the market more aggressively and within six months were generating the same income level as their previous employment. By us identifying the “opportunity” this client went from unemployed to self employed within six months

The Young

As a Long standing Prince’s Trust Volunteer I
continued to mentor under 30’s in business. It goes
without saying some young people have had their fair share of challenges yet given the support and
opportunity can compete with their peers. I am still in touch with one Mentee after five years. They started with more energy than cash, more ideas than customers and less ability than most. To date they fully repaid their Prince’s Trust loan, have customers ranging from individuals to schools and now has the ability to motivate and inspire others to do the same. Young people have transferable skills that can be as effective as qualifications and experience. With support, they too can go on to achieve greatness.

Distance no object

I travel a lot and make contacts at every opportunity. Sometimes I see people doing the impossible and other times I see possibilities for people to do more. Sharing business ideas from around the world is easier with the aid of 21st century technology. I can Skype clients in the comfort of their own home and discuss business ideas , show presentation slides and make it happen so to speak. I’m reachable by email and phone so, despite the distance, clients can always reach me. Furthest client lives in Guyana with no plans to leave but with ideas to make a living. This client now sources products from Asia and sells them worldwide. They make more money in a month than they previously made in a year. I’ve yet to meet this client in person but I guess it worked fine for them.

The Mature

Many retired people will say the key to longevity is
keeping active. Our client enjoyed his extensive career and could afford to retire quietly. They came to us looking for opportunities to pass on their skills, knowledge and expertise. We identified a platform for them to do this and have fun; that was the brief. They are now involved in Education, Business Consultancy and helping the unemployed. At 70 they still call us to say “life’s good”. You could call this a social return on investment. The brief was met.